Gutter Cleaning

We offer the most professional gutter cleaning service in Charlotte and surrounding areas.  We mostly clean the gutters out  by hand and come equipped to get the job done right and we get it done fast! We never leave a mess behind, if anything falls on your driveway, porch, deck, or AC unit, we will blow it off and either dispose of the debris in your natural area or bag it up and haul it away!

Our Gutter Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Cleaning out the gutters.
  • Cleaning out all downspouts.
  • Blow off the roof, remove debris from the eves, behind fireplaces and so on.
  • Re-attach dis-attached gutters.
  • Inspect gutters and notify the client if repairs are needed.

Clogged downspouts


We always check your downspouts to make sure they are not clogged! We use various techniques to unclog downspouts. Sometimes we use our vacuums to suck the debris from the top while blowing in from the bottom. Sometimes just adding suction from the bottom will clear all debris. If all that does not work, we will disassemble the downspouts, clean them out and put everything back in place.



Detached gutters?IMG_1668-small

Constantly changing weather patterns and severity of our seasons can cause damage to your gutters. Hurricane winds, heavy rain downpours, and ice storms can cause your gutters to detach
from the fascia boards. In these cases the water could flow behind the fascia boards and/or into your walls instead of the gutter, causing damage that can be very costly. During our initial service we check the entire perimeter of you gutters to identify problems and correct them early on.


Drainage Systems

Many homes have “drainage systems” in place to divert water away from the home. Sometimes, they do get clogged, and during heavy downpours the water will back up which can cause damage to your home by letting moisture into your basement, crawl space, and/or around the concrete slab. We have multiple solutions for this common problem. In some instances, the drains may get damaged by the constantly growing root systems of the trees around your property. Sometimes the weight of concrete driveways will settle and reduce the amount of water that can flow through. If that is the case, we may have to do quite more then just clean them out – they may need to be replaced, re-routed or an overflow drain may be added. Either way we are the ones you call to solve these issues.


Cleaning out, redownspout_filter-routing, or re-installing drainage systems is still pretty expensive so we offer some preventive maintenance options that can save you big bucks in the long run!  Adding special filters to your downspouts can greatly increase the longevity of the very important drainage systems.  We offer filtration systems that are placed in-line of your downspout, easily reachable, without the need for a letter, hassle-free maintenance. Do not hesitate to ask about simple, easy to maintain solutions.


Downspout Filter Example

Roof Cleaning

NeedlesinEve-longHeavily forested neighborhoods and low sloped roofs may have a great amount of debris collected on the roof-tops, eves, behind fire places, on top of sun rooms and low slope roof additions. As a part of our gutter cleaning service we will clean out those areas, and once again haul all the debris way.


Damage due to neglected gutters

Clogged up gutters and downdamagespouts can cause streaking, peeling, paint, foundation damage.

Did you know that many Insurance companies do not cover damage due to overflowing gutters – they consider it a home maintenance responsibility! We can help you avoid unnecessary and costly repairs. Also, built-up gutter is a breeding ground for termites, mosquitoes and other insects.



Gutter Covers/Guards

photo_acc_guttercoverWe also install gutter covers/guards.  Myth: “Our gutter covers/guards are completely maintenance FREE!”  If anyone is telling you this, it is simply not true!  Through our experience, we have yet to find a product that will completely eliminate the need for maintenance as it pertains to gutter cleaning and gutter covers/guards, screens and so on.  Having said that, some gutter covers/guards are better then others.  Ask one of our specialists about our gutter covers/guards installation, maintenance and warranties.


Yearly Maintenance Plan

We offer yearly maintenance plans that are specific for your home! Each home is different, so is the foliage around the house.  We can recommend an individual plan that will keep your gutters flowing and give you a piece of mind by eliminating yet another chore, while saving you money, up to 30% savings!



  • How soon can you get my gutters cleaned?

Call us today and your gutters will most likely be cleaned tomorrow, depending on weather, if not the same day!

  • Do you work on the weekend?

We work 7 days a week to accommodate your schedule!

  • How often should my gutters be cleaned

There are many factors involved in making a good maintenance plan. It depends on your location, the foliage/vegetation around your home, the slope of your roof, the design of your house. Also, the severity of each season may be different.

It is easy to overlook the need to clean your gutters. As they say “Out of sight out of mind!” Just once or twice a year may not be enough. Let the “1-2-Kleen” team relieve some of the stress out of your busy life and help care for your home.

  • How long will it take?

We can do an average one story home in under 45 minutes and an average two story home in under and hour and a half (if you have very neglected gutters, we will stay as long as it takes to get your gutters clean).

  • What area do you service?

We serve Charlotte and all surrounding areas. From Mint Hill, to Monroe, Rock Hill, Gastonia, Denver, Huntersville, Concord and EVERYTHING in between!

  • Are you Licensed and Insured?

We ARE! We have a million dollar liability insurance policy.

  • Do you service commercial properties?

Yes! We are fully capable to accommodate any apartment complex, town homes, condominiums or any property management customer! Click Here and request an estimate!