Pressure Washing

Our professional pressure washing services are second to none! We provide vinyl siding, concrete, brick and stone, deck and wood cleaning. We service both residential and commercial clients. We use the “Soft Wash” technique utilizing our 100% eco-friendly contractor grade chemicals that are 100% safe! They will not harm children, plants, or animals. Call now to schedule a FREE estimate!

We Clean:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Stucco
  • Gutter Exterior and Trim
  • Concrete
  • Brick and Stone
  • Deck and Wood

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

With our vinyl siding pressure washing service we can safely remove dirt, grime and mildew buildup on a home’s vinyl siding. High water pressure can damage vinyl and even worse, high pressure WILL break the seals on your windows. We use contractor grade chemicals and unique pressure washing techniques, referred to by professionals as “Soft Wash”, allowing us to safely clean your home without causing any damage.vynyl-b-n-a

Gutter Exterior and Trim

At 1-2-Kleen we specialize in detailed cleaning.  In addition to cleaning your vinyl, stucco, brick or wood siding, we get all that trim looking like it was just painted and your aluminum gutters looking like they are brand new!  Trim and gutter exterior cleaning requires the use of proper chemicals and scrubbing is involved.  Pressure alone won’t do it.  Be ware of such claims by inexperienced companies/individuals because we have seen gutter exterior cleaned all the way to the bear aluminum. Those are cases where the wrong chemicals were used and/or not properly diluted. If you are selling your home this is a must, it will make your house stand out from the rest!

Concrete Cleaning

People are amazed with the results of our concrete cleaning service. Many just do not realize how dirty their concrete really is. Our commercial grade equipment (4000 psi+, 3 to 4 GPM pressure washers, surface cleaners) and extensive experience allows us to get a no-streak, clean look while removing years of accumulated grime from your driveways, sidewalks, and patios leaving them looking brand new.


Brick and Stone Cleaning

Compared to vinyl, brick and stone also collect dirt, mold, and mildew, its just not as noticeable. Also, most of the time neglected brick and stone gets more contaminated due to its physical properties. We use various techniques, in addition to pressure washing, to clean all types of brick ranging from basic red brick to delicate sand faced brick and many other types of stone.


Deck and Wood Cleaning

Cleaning wooden surfaces such as your decks and patios requires various techniques and can be a lot more delicate then vinyl or brick and stone. High pressure will damage wood and can strip off painted surfaces.  At 1-2-Kleen we use the right kind of tools, such as pressure washers that allow us to adjust the pressure, proper chemical mixtures and scrubbers to achieve desired results. We recommend sealing and/or staining bare surfaces and provide that service as well. If your wooden deck or patio is damaged, we may be able to save it from having to be completely replaced, just ask one of our technicians during the FREE estimate.


All of our contractor grade chemicals are 100% safe! They will not harm children, plants, or animals.