Pressure Washing

Our professional pressure washing services are second to none! We provide vinyl siding, concrete, brick and stone, deck and wood cleaning. We service both residential and commercial clients. We use the “Soft Wash” technique utilizing our 100% eco-friendly¬†contractor grade chemicals that are 100% safe! They will not harm children, plants, or animals. Call now to schedule a FREE estimate!


Vinyl Siding Cleaning

With our vinyl siding pressure washing service we can safely remove dirt, grime and mildew buildup on a home’s vinyl siding. High water pressure can damage vinyl and even worse, high pressure WILL break the seals on your windows. We use contractor grade cleansers (100% safe! They will not harm children, plants, or animals)¬†and unique pressure washing techniques, referred to by professionals as “Soft Wash”, allowing us to safely clean your home without causing any damage. We also add a layer of special wax to keep your home clean for a longer period of time.vynyl-b-n-aConcrete Cleaning

People are amazed with the results of our concrete cleaning service. Many just do not realize of how dirty their concrete really is. Combination of our unique pressure washing techniques and chemical cleansers remove years of accumulated grime from your driveways, sidewalks, and patios leaving them looking brand new.concrete-JPEG

Brick and Stone Cleaning

Compared to vinyl, brick and stone also collect dirt, mold, and mildew, its just not as noticeable. Also, most of the time neglected brick and stone gets more contaminated due to its physical properties. We use various techniques, in addition to pressure washing, to clean all types of brick ranging from basic red brick to delicate sand faced brick and many other types of stone.


Deck and Wood Cleaning

Pressure washing wooden surfaces such as your decks, patios and wooden walkways is a lot more delicate then vinyl or brick and stone. High pressure and improper sealing techniques will cause extensive damage to the wood and will require high cost repairs or replacement. At 1-2-Kleen we first pressure wash and clean your wooden surfaces utilizing our special techniques. Second, we we use brighteners and neutralizers to prepare the wood for the sealer. And finally we seal the wood to give it vibrant and long lasting finish.


All of our contractor grade chemicals are 100% safe! They will not harm children, plants, or animals.